Welcome to MMEX Website

A booking has been made to run Mmex 2019 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Oldham, the same venue as used in 2017. This will take place over the weekend of  23rd and 24th February with setup on Friday 22nd. Detailed planning has started and an augmented organising group is being recruited. As before the exhibition will feature a mix of clubs and traders representing the best in model engineering.


The organising group is an informal collection of people interested in model engineering. The group does not meet like a formal committee but communicates by email and phone supporting each other to create the exhibition. The main commitment from group members is to be at the exhibition and each deliver their agreed part. If you can help please contact Bob Hayter or any group member at the address listed on the contact page.

A list of current team members is shown on the contact page of this website. If you need information on club stands or trade exhibitors, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the relevant organiser, we wouldn't want them to get bored!


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